“Osman” is a stereotypical analogy of the workers who came from Turkey to western Europe in the 1960s. He is a fictional person in real life from 2009 to the present day, e.g. 2013 in Hachenburg.  

The “Hachenburg Osman” is an interactive project. During Art Week in Hachenburg, Osman becomes officially registered as a resident of the town for a certain period of time. The character “Osman” who I have developed attempts to become a Hachenburg resident. 

5451 OSMAN

Osman requires all the documents that normal members of the public in Germany need to present: passport, registration certificate, etc. After completing all bureaucratic procedures at various offices, Herr Osman becomes the 5451st resident of Hachenburg. In this project, authorities and members of the public become an active part of the performance.